More than 40 years of experience made Taxicompany De Gouden Koets an established name in passenger transport. We are specialized in premium taxi services with experienced and representative drivers. Who are certified and always dressed in a suit and tie. For both business and private transport.

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We are a company where service and quality stands high in the banner. We offer you exclusive persons transportation with a modern and perfect maintained fleet. Service and quality always come first.

Whatever your destination will be. Our experienced drivers know they’re way around. They will always choose the most optimal route. And are willing to provide a private driver experience.



To The Airport

DGK Airport Services provides in airport transfers with representative and experienced drivers. Which are multilingual and uniformly dressed as well for private as business transport. We operate from several different areas, know as Delft, The Hague, Rotterdam, Westland and their surroundings.


Roadshow service

If you are in need of Roadshow transport for your company or relations. Which is properly arranged and carried out by experienced drivers? We offer an exclusive roadshow service. There is a busy day ahead, with appointments at various locations. It is useful to have your transport carried out by one of our drivers. So you can focus on your busy schedule or take some time and relax in between appointments. Whatever your destination may be. Our experienced drivers know they’re way around. And have years of experience in the field of Roadshow transport.

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Easy payment

In addition to the comfort and pleasure you experience with our services. We also offer easy payment. Not only you can pay in cash, pin or credit card, but also contactless. This is safe, easy and above all reliable. For our business customers we offer the option of transport on business account. Inquire about the conditions.

Remark: To meet up to the high expectations you have of us. We appreciate in advance bookings, preferably a few hours or days in advance. This way you always have your taxi at the agreed time and location without any unwanted waiting times.

If you make an information request or booking online, please take 12 hours of processing time into consideration. We will always send you a personal confirmation of your booking. Without this confirmation we cannot guarantee you’re booking. For urgent matters, you can contact us by telephone. Our offices are open from 07:00 till 22:00, weekends from 09:00 till 20:00. Outside openings hours we can be contacted for emergencies and only for the most urgent matters at +31 653-380018

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