In accordance with the Netherlands Personal data Protection Act (Wbp), Taxi De Gouden Koets is responsible for processing personal data collected via this website. This Act helps protect the privacy of citizens and also applies to personal data that is collected via the Internet. Personal data means the information that can be traced to an individual, for example a name, home address or an e-mail address. Processing includes the gathering, recording, organizing and storage of personal data.


Taxi De Gouden Koets records data relating to the use of this website. Amongst other things, this involves numbers of visitors, pages viewed and the properties of the web browsers used. The personal data are for internal use and are not disclosed to third parties or organizations for commercial purposes.


We can place ‘tracking cookies’ on your computer. We use these cookies to keep a record of the pages you view so that we can build up a profile of your online navigation. This profile is not linked to your name, address, e-mail address or suchlike.
These cookies allow us to gather information about visits to our website and the use of our services such as portals. By using this data Taxi De Gouden Koets is able to develop, improve and adapt the website to meet the needs of users.
Our website also uses external sources such as YouTube and Google Analytics. These websites also use cookies. We have no influence on the way in which they use cookies.


If you do not wish to use cookies, then you can disable the acceptance of cookies in your web browser settings. Without cookies some functions of this website will potentially not work as effectively as they could. For example, you will no longer be able to log in to a secure area.


Because cookies are stored on your computer then only you are able to delete them. Please consult your browser manual for this.


You have the right to ask to see and request corrections to or deletion of your data. To prevent misuse, we will ask you to provide proper identification in respect of yourself. If this concerns inspection of personal data linked to a cookie you must also send a copy of the cookie in question.


We can be contacted at:

Taxi De Gouden Koets
Att. the Management
Corry Brokkenstraat 2
2652 NH Berkel en Rodenrijs


By visiting our website, you are accepting our privacy policy.


Taxi De Gouden Koets retains the right to amend the text of this privacy statement in response to new developments. Please therefore consult this text regularly when visiting our website.


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