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Quality, perfection, service and discretion are the key words which made DGK Business Travel an established name in the V. I. P.- and executive transportation business. The vehicle, driver and the route are prepared in detail. With all your wishes and specific requirements are taken care of.

Your comfort at first place

The fleet of the DGK-Business Travel is always from recent building year and equipped very luxurious.  So you can relax and take your mind of daily business or just take care of some unfinished business, while traveling between locations.

As an executive of a large enterprise or multinational but also as a delegate of an embassy or ministry, you are vulnerable. We are well aware of that. There for in our opinion V. I. P.- and executive transportation requires more than an experienced driver. DGK-drivers are all extra educated with advanced driving courses. When you travel with one of our DGK drivers, you will experience the feeling of having your own private driver.

We believe safety is very important. And there for our fleet has been equipped with the latest developments on safety. All cars are of a recent building year and are in an optimal state of maintenance, free of damage, advertising and are non smoking!

DGK Business Travel wants to deliver the highest standard of service and quality possible, there for we appreciate in advance bookings. So we can be in the right place at the right time without any delays or unnecessary waiting hours. This way we can live up to the highest expectations you have of us.


Our exclusive roadshow service is highly recommended. If you have a day full of appointments at multiple locations. Then it is useful to have the transport carried out by one of our drivers. You can then focus on your busy schedule or take a break between appointments. Whatever your destination may be, our experienced drivers know the way around.

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