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Our company is also effected by Corona virus, we advise only to use our services for urgent or necessary use.

If you want to make a booking: please order in advance! We are operating with a diminished fleet, so we may need more time to arrive at the ordered address than normally.

Our operational cars are all equipped with a COVID protector screen.


Safe and responsible taxi and healthcare transport

In general, be cautious in using the taxi: only take a taxi if this is necessary for medical care, basic necessities or maintaining vital processes.

Always follow the advice of RIVM:

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water

Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow

Use tissue paper

Do not shake hands

Stay home if you have a cold *

If someone in your household has a fever, you should also stay at home *

Keep 1.5 meters (two arm lengths) apart


The following additional guidelines apply to passengers:

Travel alone by taxi, or with members of the household

Keep a distance to the driver:

Get in and out yourself **

Sit in the back

Fasten the seat belt yourself **

Place luggage yourself in the trunk or keep it on your lap **

Pay digitally or with pin / credit card. Avoid cash payments

** For passengers who need help with this: make sure that someone from the permanent contact circle can do this


The following additional guidelines apply to drivers:

Keep a distance to the passenger:

Let the passenger get in and out themselves

Have the passenger sit in the back

Have the passenger fasten the seat belt

Have the passenger place luggage in the trunk

Keep the vehicle clean: clean the customer's personal space after each customer (door handles, armrest, seat belt, pin equipment, headrests, handles, etc.)     


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